Blank Slate

Almost seven years ago I started the first version of this blog as a creative outlet during my undergrad years as a premed student. It became my very own little corner in the web... a place where I could journal and share a few of my favorite things. You could find anything from outfit posts and delicious recipes to Wedding Wednesdays and dreamy bucket lists.

As the years went by I lost my inspiration and drive for the blog. It just didn't feel mine anymore. I was accepting sponsorships I wasn't excited about (which came with obligatory posting about their products) and trying to please readers by giving them what I thought they wanted to read instead of what was truly relevant and inspiring to ME. Everything felt so incredibly trivial. Eventually, I just stopped posting altogether.

Twice a year or so I would revisit my blog to post a photo journal of my latest adventure in life (first apartments, camping trips, travels, road trips, our wedding, etc.) to share with family and friends. Looking back through them I vividly remember how inspired, proud, and excited I would feel when that last word was typed, the last picture posted, and "PUBLISH" clicked.

So here I am, seven years later, ready to do it all again. Much has changed since that very first post. The fact that I am a better photographer than a writer still hasn't changed, however, this time around the blog won't serve as an "escape" from everyday life and busy schedules. Instead of looking from the inside out, this time it will be a "window"/photo journal into my life, my adventures, and my passions. A place where family, friends, and everyone in between can follow me in a journey through everyday experiences and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Stay tuned... there's much more coming soon.