Gwangjang Market (Seoul, South Korea)

March 5, 2017


Saturday was definitely our busiest day yet, not only did we visit Gyeongbokgung Palace but we also decided to pay Gwangjang Market a visit since it was on the same side of town.  After walking a couple miles we made it there during the most hectic time of the day... lunchtime. THIS was, by far, my favorite experience in Seoul.   There were so many different kinds of ingredients and foods! However, the main dish throughout the market was Mung Bean Pancakes... lots of different stalls were selling them and the smell was phenomenal! Unfortunately, due to pork being one of the ingredients in it, I didn't get any. It will be almost impossible to ever forget the details of this place. The variety of colors, smells, and sounds were spectacularly unforgettable.  If you ever find yourself on this side of the globe make sure this market is on the very top of your Seoul's To-Do List.


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