Busan, South Korea

The morning after the wedding Sean and I checked out of our Airbnb, said goodbye to our friends, and headed to the Seoul Station to catch the next speed train to Busan. We already had a room waiting for us at the Kolon Seacloud Hotel on the shores of Haeundae Beach and we just couldn't wait to start the second part of our Korean adventure. The train ride took less than 3 hours to reach our destination so we ended up arriving in Busan at the peak of the day. However, we were too tired from the night before and the trip to do much except check into our hotel room and take a nice long nap. Sean and I finally woke up about an hour before sunset so we decided to go for a walk on the beach before dinner.

(On our way to Seoul Station to catch the KTX speed train to Busan)

(Because, when in doubt, Mexican food is ALWAYS the answer... no matter where in the world you are.)

The next morning, after grabbing breakfast at the hotel, we headed down a couple blocks to buy some fresh bread for lunch later. You could smell the bakery a block away... absolutely mouthwatering! We then took a cab over to Taejongdae Natural Park where we would spend the whole day exploring lighthouses, rocky cliffs, clam tents, and watching boats come and go. I honestly could not think of a better way we could've spent our last full day in Busan.

(When you forget your tripod and your DSLR is way too heavy for a decent selfie...Cellphone selfies for the win)