What to Pack: Iceland in September

A couple of weeks ago my sister Melissa and I flew out to Iceland for a week long adventure. As always, I was determined to fit everything into my carry-on and backpack/camera bag. However, this was one of the first times I was having to pack for a trip week-long trip where summer dresses and swimsuits were not in the menu... I definitely underestimated how much space fall/winter clothes would take up. After a couple tries of sitting on my suitcase, an order of vacuum storage bags, and suitcase "editing" (removing things that you might be able to do without), I was finally able to fit all my essentials.


Rain Jacket


Black Pants

Black Coat


Top/Sweaters (red, white, rust (SOLD OUT-WINTER 2017), grey (SOLD OUT-WINTER 2017))

Belt Bag (similar)

Scarf (similar)

Winter Jacket (Sold Out- Only left in Silver)

Ankle Boots (Similar)

Hiking Boots


GF Oatmeal Packs (Coconut Cashew... my favorite)

Freeze-Dried Meals

Granola Bars

Travel Notebook

Camera Equipment:

Camera Bag

Cameras (DSLR/Film)


Film rolls

Waterproof Case