Tulum, Mexico

A couple months ago we spontaneously decided to plan a short but sweet getaway to Tulum after a conversation about how much I missed the ocean breeze and the Caribbean sea. Normally, when feelings of homesickness hit me like that a trip to Puerto Rico is obviously the answer. This time, however, that just wasn't possible due to the amount of time available for a mini vacation (3 nights is just not enough time when 90% of your family lives in the island). We booked our flight to Cancun for Friday and our three-night stay at Rosa del Viento.

Our flight landed in Mexico in the mid afternoon after a quick layover in Dallas. A two-hour drive later and we had arrived at our final destination... paradise. I lost no time changing into my swimsuit and racing towards the waves. God, I had missed it so much. Words cannot describe how I feel when I smell the salt in the air and feel the water against my skin... water that is neither too hot nor too cold. It's absolute perfection. It feels like home. After a playing in the waves for a while, it was time for dinner. While walking the strip we came across ArenaBlue and after looking at the menu we decided to head right in. Lucky for us, most of Tulum eats supper really late so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. That is where we had the most amazing fish tacos (catch of the day) that I have EVER had.

For as long as I can remember I have always woken up at or before sunrise when sleeping by the beach... there is just something about catching the day's first rays of light to the sound of the waves. This day was no exception. It is a tradition I'm trying to get Sean excited about hehe.

After watching the sunrise, a quick swim, and an exquisite breakfast we grabbed the bikes and off we went to explore the Tulum ruins.

At around noon took a small break from the beach and headed over to Raw Love for quick lunch and refreshments. It was the perfect oasis after a 15 mile bike ride. After that, as we made our way back to the hotel to continue living the beach bum life, we rode past La Llorona. I just knew I had to stop at this cute little shop. Well, good thing I did because this is where I found the most perfect painting to bring back home.

At around seven in the evening we grabbed the bikes again and headed to La Onda for the most delicious wood-fired pizzas in the world.

The next day we were up pretty early since we had booked a tour through our hotel to explore the cenotes in the area. Our hotel arranged the tour through Agua Clara Diving where we got two explore three cenotes in one day. We started out with Casa Cenote, then Cenote Dos Ojos, and for the finale, Cenote Nicte Ha. By lunch time we were absolutely famished... that's when Restaurante "Juanita" came to the rescue. Out of all the places we ate in Tulum this one was the most authentic... and so delicious.

Thank you Tulum for making falling in love with you soooooo easy! We'll be back again soon... promise, promise.