What to Pack: Tropical Weekend Getaway

Anyone who has seen my closet, lived with me, or just knows me well enough knows one thing for certain... I have a SERIOUS obsession with swimsuits and summer dresses. Another thing about me is that, when flying, I hate having to check in luggage so I always make sure I can fit all I need in a carry-on and a backpack. Both of these make it a little hard when packing for a trip, specially if that trip is to somewhere sunny and warm. So take these facts into consideration when using this post as a guide, since most likely you won't feel the need to pack four different swimsuits (or 4+ dresses) for a weekend trip to the beach.

I have put together a list of my favorite things to pack when heading out on a tropical weekend getaway. This is a compilation of pieces and products that I truly love and stand by... none of it is sponsored. I've tried linking most of the items, however many of them are sold out, thrifted, or from previous seasons... for those I have listed a similar item under the link.

1. Carry-on / 2. Sandals / 3. Deodorant / 4. One-pieces (pink/tan) / 5. Dresses (white&blue/teak/white/blue) / 6. Headscarves / 7. Sunscreen /

8. High-waisted Shorts / 9. PJs / 10. Bikinis (blue/green) / 11. Light Sweater / 12. Waterproof Case / 13. Tanning Oil / 14. Sunglasses

These last couple of years I have been on a quest to find an aluminum/paraben-free deodorant, not gel-based, and that actually WORKS. It took a lot of tries but I think I have finally found the ONE. I have only tried their Coconut & Vanilla scent but I'm sure their other ones are just as amazing.

In my journey to substitute chemically-based products that we use in our everyday lives, I came across this amazing find. I cannot recommend it enough. Also, if you needed it ASAP and don't want to wait for shipping look it up at TARGET... they have a small collection of their products in the sunscreen section.

I know this might seem contradictory to the last item but to be completely honest I always feel the most as myself when I am tan. Living in the Midwest makes it a little difficult to be golden all year round (I don't do spray tans or tanning beds) and usually weekend/week long vacation just don't give me enough time to be the shade of tan that I like best. After all, tanning is something you have to pace yourself with. That's when BALIBODY comes to the rescue.